Adam Maalouf and the Tribe |World Music

April 27th | 6:30PM | DROM NYC | $15


Adam Maalouf and The Tribe is an ensemble of global instrumentalists that will transport listeners to a new musical space. Our mission is to bring people together by bridging cultural gaps through the music we create.  The Tribe’s music is found where Maalouf’s modern instruments blend with ancient styles of music from around the world. Through the common language that is music, we hope to create an experience where people feel connected.

As a specialist in pantam, cello, & percussion from around the world, Maalouf’s unique musical approach is channeled through genre-bending compositions for solo and ensemble. Pantam is the name of the “flying saucer” instrument invented in year 2000, and the word stems from the combination of the Steel Pan from Trinidad and the Ghatam (clay pot drum) from South India. Maalouf’s music is created live, with a range of master musicians playing Indian Tabla, Arabic Vocal, Bansuri Flute, Middle Eastern Percussion, Guitar, Trumpet, Turkish Oud and Nay.


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