Support Music Research

The NAMM Foundation supports teachers, parents and community leaders with resources and programs to advance music making for all. The Foundation promotes research through the media that provides information about the benefits of making music at every age.

NAMM Foundation Research Grants provide support for projects that explore the impact of active participation during various stages of life and on human experience and conditions. Grants are made in three research-funding areas, as follows:

Scientific Grants. support leading researchers and research teams in exploring the effects of hands-on music making on congnitive processes, development and learning, and psychological, biolgical and social/emotional aspects of specific populations.
University of California
Understanding the Combined Influences of Musical Training and Genetic Predisposition in the Development of Absolute Pitch

Sounds of Living Grants: The Impact of Music Making Grants. examine the role of active participation in music for children, youth, adults and seniors outside of formal educational settings. this research initiative explores the role of music making in health, wellness and socialization.
University of South Florida School of Music
Senior Citizen’s Music Participation and Perception of Quality of Life

Sounds of Learning Grants: The Impact of Music Education. examine the roles of music education in the lives of school-age children as well as school and community.
Northwestern University Bienen School of Music
Effects of Music Experiences During School Years on Professional Creative Achievement Among a Sample of Architects, Chemical Engineers, and Music Educators


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