Brooklyn Raga Massive

Every Wednesday | 8PM |Art Cafe, 884 Pacific St.(at Washington Ave) in Brooklyn |


Every Wednesday | 8PM |Cheryl’s Restaurant, 236 Underhill Ave. |


Every Monday | 7:30/9:30 PM | Jazz Standard |

The Brain Cloud

  Every Monday | 7 PM | Barbes | Mondays at 7 PM multi-instrumentalist Dennis Lichtman’s popular western swing band Brain Cloud at Barbes followed at 9:30 PM by a variety of south-of-the-border-style bands playing cumbias, boogaloo and salsa.

The Lesson

Every Thursday | 10PM | Arlene’s Grocery |   Thursday nights at Arlene’s Grocery has been the stuff of legend over the past three years with The Lesson turning into one of New York’s premiere jam sessions. Fronted by Gentei Kaijo (Japanese for “Limitation Cancellation”), the band’s collective resumes include work with DJ Premier, Bilal,…

Katie Buchanan Max

Tue, March 28 | 9:00 PM | Arlene’s Grocery | Katie Buchanan is an indie-pop singer/songwriter and producer. She plays guitar loudly, drinks whiskey slowly, and writes songs that beg for a second listen. Her sophomore album, Who We Are When We’re Standing, will be released June 9, 2017.

Millennials Shy away from Progressive Rock

Both the November and December issues of Prog magazine had interesting articles dealing with the lack of young people at progressive rock concerts. Polly Glass argued that this happens for a few reasons: Millennials think of prog as an old man’s genre. Prog doesn’t get support from big labels. Tickets are expensive. Polly also noted […]…